Opening An Issue/Requesting A Site

If your’re planning to open an issue for the script or ask for a new feature or anything that requires opening an Issue, then please do keep these things in mind.

Reporting Issues

If you’re going to report an issue, then please run the script again with the “-v or –verbose” argument. It should generate a file in the same directory, with the name “Error Log.log”. Copy that log file’s data and post it on a Gist and share that gist’s link while reporting the issue here. Make sure you EDIT OUT YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD, if supplied within the command.

If you don’t include the verbose log, there are chances it’ll take time to fix the issue(s) you’re having. Please follow this syntax :

Command You Gave : What was the command that you used to invoke the script?

Expected Behaviour : After giving the above command, what did you expect shoud’ve happened?

Actual Behaviour : What actually happened?

Link To Gist : As mentioned earlier, post the error log in a gist and share that link here.

P.S : Just attaching a screenshot will NOT tell or anyone else what happened behind the scenes. So, Error Log is mandatory.

Suggesting A Feature

If you’re here to make suggestions, please follow the basic syntax to post a request :

Subject : Something that briefly tells us about the feature.

Long Explanation : Describe in details what you want and how you want.

This should be enough, but it’ll be great if you can add more ;)