After installing and setting up all the dependencies in your Operating System, you’re good to go and use this script. The instructions for all the OS would remain same. Download THIS REPOSITORY and put it somewhere in your system. Move over to the comic_dl folder.

Windows users, it’s better to not place it places where it requires administrator privileges. Good example would be C:\Windows. This goes for both, the Python script and the windows binary file (.exe).

Linux/Debian users make sure that this script is executable.just run this command, if you run into problem(s) :

chmod +x

and then, execute with this :



With docker, you can get the whole dependencies enclosed in a container and use the comic_dl from your system.

You need an up and running Docker client running, follow the Docker Documentation.

Docker images are available here

Define a handy alias on your system with some docker tricks. This mounts the local directory under /directory in the container. This works on *NIX systems, and also under Windows Linux subsystem.

You can change the value of PGID and PUID with the value for the user needed in your download directory.

alias comic_dl="docker run -it --rm -e PGID=$(id -g) -e PUID=$(id -u) -v $(pwd):/directory:rw -w /directory comic_dl -dd /directory"

Run it on your system. This actually starts a container on request and stop&delete it when finished.

usage: comicdl [-h] [--version] [-s SORTING] [-a] [-c]
               [-dd DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY] [-rn RANGE] [--convert CONVERT]
               [--keep KEEP] [--quality QUALITY] [-i INPUT] [--comic]
               [-comic-search SEARCH_COMIC] [-comic-info COMIC_INFO]
               [--update UPDATE] [--print-index] [-find SEARCH]
               [-ml MANGA_LANGUAGE] [-sc SKIP_CACHE] [-cid CHAPTER_ID]
               [-pid PAGE_ID] [-fd] [-p PASSWORD] [-u USERNAME] [-v]